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A much needed money saving solution for Marlow C of E Primary School

Updated: Jan 15

Marlow C of E Primary School (Sandygate) is a local school close to Solarbility HQ. With budgets already tight and ever increasing energy costs they were keen to find an alternative solution and take back control.

Solarbility designed a system that would meet their current and future needs and maximise their investment. Consisting of 75 panels across 4 roofs we encountered various challenges along the way, but by utilising the K2 mounting system enabling us to fit directly in to the roof timbers we found this to be an effective and efficient solution.

3D scale SketchUp model of Marlow C of E Primary School
3D scale SketchUp model of Marlow C of E Primary School

The installation was completed during term time which gave the students an opportunity to engage in the process. The school have also installed a SolarFox display screen in the assembly hall which shows real time data of how the system is performing, this is a key educational tool for the students and staff.

We're incredibly proud to have been part of this project and help educate young people on the many advantages of renewable energy and are pleased that Sandygate School will continue to receive the benefits of solar for many years to come.

Solar panels on roof of Sandygate school, view of Marlow

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