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118 panels for this vacuum forming factory in High Wycombe

With heavy machinery running for many hours of the day Interform Manufacturing's electricity usage is extremely high, they approached Solarbility early last year to see how they could take control of their energy usage and bring the bills way down.

With a large trapezium metal roof we were able to maximise the amount of panels and create an impressive system size of 52kWp.

Solar panel array in High Wycombe on Trapezoid roof
Interform Manufacturing solar panels

With such a large system there is a lot of work that goes on prior to the installation. The DNO (Distribution Network Operator) must agree and sign off a G99 application, with many years experience we handled the application on behalf of Interform, saving them time and hassle.

The panels were spit into 8 separate Mppt tracking strings of equal numbers, we helpfully colour coded these on the inverter.

Solar panel array showing the panels strung together
Inverter showing the colour coded MPPT trackers

Planning is key to the smooth running and success of a project and here at Solarbilty we pride ourselves on being meticulous in our organisation and implementation of our systems.

The whole installation took less than a week with minimum disruption and no downtime for the customer. Off the back of this project we have another 2 buildings ready to be installed.

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